This website for vegan food, Reiki and Reading Toes needed a redesign. They asked me to do a quick draft for them. This is the first scetch I made for the homepage. Other pages are not approved yet, so stay tuned for more.   Fanaleds is a plugin for the Fanatec Clubsport race wheel. This software will allow you to personalize your settings for every race game you own, without tweaking any XML or other code-related files.   Grand Cafe Vreeburg is one of the best restaurants in the area of Haarlem, The Netherlands. They changed the concept in October 2012 and needed a new website. This is the design of the Launching Soon page.
Arbeidsmakelaar is an Dutch employment agency with a specialty for each individial. I was hired by Lionhead to do the designs for the website and to do the photo editing on the homepage. The branding was done by Lionhead.   A local contractor named J. Huijbens needed a new website and hired me for the job. He wanted his Van and logo to be prominent on every single page. The result is a cool menu with floating logo and Van beneath it.   Night Owl Interactive hired me to work for a couple of months in their office in New York. They asked me to help with the designs for Startuptank. I also worked on their business cards and did some logo redesigns.
While I was living in New York, my boss and his wife took photos for their wedding invitation near Ikea. They picked Ikea because that’s where couples start for their first house, and face their first arguments.   Club TV is a Miami based client who offer compilation movies of big parties in clubs with live streams. Because youtube don’t support livestreams they needed a website. Night Owl Interactive got the project and hired me for the designs.   Do you like my work and are you looking for a freelance website, user interface and icon designer with clients all over the globe? Send some information about the project you want me to work on to and I’ll get back to you!